Committed to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility!

375 Rubber Ave.

Naugatuck, CT 06770

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1 (860) 775-4100

Introducing EnviroFlush, the leading porta-potty company committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility!

We use up to 30% recycled materials in our porta-potties, renewable diesel for our trucks where possible, and tailor efficient routing software to minimize travel distance and reduce fuel consumption. Furthermore, our porta potties use 90% less water than conventional toilets!


As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we have set a goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2025 through energy-efficient operations, renewable energy adoption, and carbon offset initiatives. Plus, when you choose EnviroFlush, you get top-notch service that is reliable, efficient, and friendly – all while supporting a company whose values align with your own.

At EnviroFlush, it’s not just about providing top-quality service – it’s also about making sure that our customers are actively taking steps to positively impact the planet. Join us now in building an environmentally sustainable future!


What our customers are saying…

- Laura S

“Enviro Flush did a great job. Our clients love having a toilet on premesis that promises a more environmentally approach to the average toilet provider.  The portable baths were clean, comfortable, and odor-free. Highly recommended!”

- Mark R.

“I was impressed by the quality and cleanliness of the portable bathrooms provided by Enviro Flush. My guys really appreciated the fact that the toilet was cleaned on a schedule and the advanced notice they received prior to cleaning”


- Sarah L

“Enviro Flush exceeded my expectations.  Delivery was on time, where I wanted it, and clean.  Our schedule was their schedule.  Our workers were happy with the service they provided and our clients appreciated having Enviroflush on their property.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.”